The downside to more sleep

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The good news is that after 45 minutes of fussing, Anya slept for 4 straight hours this evening. The bad news is that when she woke up to eat, she was too sleepy to eat as much as was available, so now I’m here at 4 in the morning pumping what’s left out of my enormously swollen breast.

Introducing Anya Haley Friedman!

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See the formal announcement. And then gush over the photos. No preview icons yet, but we’re still in the hospital.

The birth story is coming soon. For now, I gotta back to Lauren and Anya at the hospital!

Here we go!

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My water just broke!

It was, in a word, well, gross.  I had gotten up to use the bathroom about 15 minutes earlier and had not yet fallen back asleep.  I had just completed a puzzle on my electronic New York Times crossword puzzle, and was about to try to go back to sleep when I felt a “pop” and a gush of wetness.  I woke up Lex, he helped me disentangle myself from the giant body pillow I sleep with, and then he called the doctor as I got to the toilet.

We’ll be making our way to the hospital shortly, and we are SO excited!


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Our doctor says that you’re big, but healthy. He hopes you’re not as big as the specialists think, and bigger than his own measurements indicate. And he believes that Lauren/Mom could deliver you normally without jeopardizing her health — or yours… If it happens in the next few days.

So we’re letting nature take its course for the next several days. Lauren’s already one centimeter dilated, and that’s promising. If she goes into labor soon, then all signs are we’ll have a natural delivery. But if Monday comes and you’re still in hiding (and who could blame you? Must be comfortable!), then we’ll need to talk about a C-section. (Induction isn’t really on the table; our doctor trusts recent studies that say induction in cases of bigger babies leads to more emergency C-sections than “waiting.”)

We can’t wait to meet you, Baby. As long as you’re healthy, we’ll take whatever circumstances your grand entrance involves.

Hurry Up and Weight

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Our last ultrasound was two weeks ago. You weighed about 7.5lbs, according to the ultrasound. We scheduled another ultrasound for today, knowing that if you hadn’t yet been born and continued gaining weight, that you’d be pretty big by now.

And so, we went in for an ultrasound this morning. They measured you again. And again, you weighed about 7.5lbs.

No one was expecting that! We would have expected you to keep gaining weight, and since you didn’t, the doctor was intrigued/concerned enough that he sent us out for another ultrasound with a perinatologist. There, the ultrasounds indicated that you actually weigh about 9.5lbs.

That’s mighty big!

Now, we have an appointment back with the first doctor in just two hours. We don’t know what’ll happen: Will the doctor want to schedule an induction? Will he want to schedule a C-section? Our plan/desire, of course, has always been to deliver you as naturally as possible, but it may be that because you’re so big and strong, we have to adjust that plan. We intend to make our decisions based on whatever’s safest for you and your mom, and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure the two of you get whatever you need to achieve that goal 🙂

See you soon?

Maternity leave has officially begun

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I decided this morning that today was going to be my last day of work.  Hey, I made it to 38 weeks, 2 days – not too shabby.  It wasn’t that work itself was so difficult – although I was definitely DONE with having random people I didn’t even know come up to me to make supportive comments such as “Why are you still here?”  The real problem was that going to work forced me to wake up earlier than my body wanted me to, and since I haven’t been sleeping very well, this left me very tired.  Lex and I both feel that it is important for me not to feel exhausted before labor begins, so as of tomorrow, I’m home to rest, relax, and take care of every last minute pre-baby errand and chore we can imagine.  It’s the vacation I always wanted.

They grow up so fast

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We had our weekly appointment with the doctor today. The baby sounds healthy and I’m doing very well – no dilation yet. The only interesting tidbit was that although I am currently 35 weeks, 3 days pregnant, I am measuring about 2-3 weeks ahead of that. This is nothing to be alarmed about from a medical perspective. In my crazy, anxious world, however, this can only mean I am either going to go into labor earlier than my due date…or give birth to a GIANT baby.

Oh my!

A little scare

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We had an “eventful” night last night. Since Thursday morning, the baby had not been moving as much or as strongly as she had been previously, though she was still moving. After work on Friday, I called the doctor’s office just to ask if that was okay or if I needed to be seen, and they decided to send me over to CentraState to have a non-stress test. I think the name of the test is misleading – I was definitely not relaxed about this whole thing!

Thankfully, the test showed that the baby was fine – her heartbeat was strong and regular, and of course she started moving like crazy the second they hooked me up to the monitor. However, the test also showed that I was having regular contractions every few minutes. I couldn’t feel them at all, but the doctor on call from our practice, Dr. Dimino, was less than thrilled about them anyway. He checked to make sure I wasn’t dilating at all (in what had to be the MOST painful internal exam I have ever had) and I wasn’t, so that was good, at least, but the contractions kept coming. His first plan of attack was to have me drink a lot of water and see if that changed anything, but it didn’t. He was on the fence about whether I needed to stay for continued observation, but instead he decided to give me a shot of something called Brethine to try to stop the contractions. Brethine is a medication that falls into the same group as adreneline, but it relaxes smooth muscles like those found in the uterus. The injection burned, as the extremely pleasant nurse warned me it would, and I felt very jittery after it took effect. It finally stopped the contractions, and after about 3 1/2 hours total of being there they let me and Lex go home. I already had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Dimino on Monday anyway for a check-up, which works out well since before releasing us, he said he wanted me to come in on Monday – and that I should remind him he wants to do another internal exam while I’m there. Fun. Hopefully I’ll have stopped bleeding from the first one by then.

We’re glad everything turned out okay, of course – Lex and I had a great moment of sheer panic when we were sure that we would not be leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms and what were we going to do about the fact that we hadn’t even set up the bassinet yet?!? Ironically, we are going back to the hospital in about 2 hours from now, since we had our tour of the maternity ward scheduled today, but at least we know where to park now 🙂 We also learned a very valuable lesson while there – it is REALLY cold in the hospital, so for goodness sake, bring a sweater!


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On Wednesday, Lex and I met with a potential pediatrician for a newborn consult – basically, an interview to see if you like the pediatrician.  This group practice came highly recommended to us from a source we trust – me!  I had been a patient there from the time I was 7 or 8 until my parents’ insurance company told us I had to go see a “big girl” doctor. 

When we arrived, the office staff asked us if we would mind waiting for a little while, since the doctor had just gotten called to deal with an emergency.  We did not mind, and they gave us a new parents booklet which answered 90% of the questions we had been prepared to ask.  We also enjoyed playing the free video games in the waiting room. 

Eventually, we got to meet with Dr. Wolfe, who talked to us for a long time about everything we might expect from the second the baby is born until she’s in college. Both Lex and I felt very pleased with the practice.  I was especially impressed that in our conversation, the subject of nursing while on Asacol (the medication I take for my ulcerative colitis) came up and after checking two sources he had on hand, Dr. Wolfe took down our number and the name of the medication to look into it further.  Then he actually called us back THE NEXT DAY!  That’s pretty good service, in my opinion. 

So, my baby girl, the people who will be responsible for ensuring your health and sticking you with lots of sharp things (don’t worry, they’ll give you a lollipop afterwards) will be Allergy and Pediatric Associates of Freehold, NJ.

26 weeks, and still going strong

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We have been silent for a several weeks, but so much has happened! Among other things (including me getting a job), we’ve been extremely busy preparing to move into our new house and then actually moving into our new house. It looks beautiful – especially one of the bedrooms which has been newly painted yellow and a green for a certain somebody I know who will be arriving in October.

Speaking of that certain somebody, she keeps getting bigger, as evidenced from my giant belly (pictures will come soon, we promise). We went to a wedding yesterday, and several people expressed surprise that I wasn’t due for three more months. The sister of the bride is due in six weeks, and I don’t look that far behind her. However, I’ve gained 20 pounds, which is right in the middle of what I should have gained by this point, and it is ALL in the front. From behind, you can’t tell I’m pregnant. Many people feel this indicates that I must be having a boy. Strangers in public places express shock when I tell them I am having a girl – a security guard at the airport (when we flew to NJ) actually got into an argument with me about it! Well, serves me right, I suppose – I should have known that her x-ray vision was more accurate than the two separate ultrasounds I had. I have now learned to smile and nod in these situations, as I did last week with a random lady in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Baby Girl Friedman is also quite the little acrobat. She kicks, punches, stretches, jumps, and rolls her limbs. She’ll go through several days when it feels like she moves constantly, and then she scares me my taking a day off to rest. You can both feel and see her move – it often looks like a scene from one of the Alien movies. It’s very weird when something that is identifiable as a limb starts pushing out my stomach, or when you can see my belly roll and twitch. I love it, though. I can sit and watch her all day. She responds to music and singing, and she even jumped the other day when an ambulance honked its horn loudly as it drove by my car (I jumped, too!).

According to our due date, we just completed our 26th week of pregnancy. 14 weeks to go!

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