Anya and Sierra singing various songs

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Anya sings about her new sibling:

Sierra sings “Five Little Monkeys”:

Anya sings “Lump/Gump”:

Sierra sings “ABC”:

Various things

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~Sierra, after grabbing a couple of pictures of Anya off of the fridge and taking them over to her sister:  “Look at this – two yous!”

~Anya’s preschool started again last week.  She had to miss the first day of class because she was sick, poor baby, but she’s healthy now, and loving it.  I have cute pictures to post; I just need to get around to getting them off the camera.

~At 16 weeks, Baby 3 is kicking up a storm, and tonight Lex got to really feel it for the first time.  We had an appointment this morning, and everything is great.  We go back in four weeks for our next appointment and our Level 2 scan.

Bedtime With Sierra

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I once wrote a post on this blog about how much I loved putting Anya to sleep. I still do; it’s fun, though in new ways now compared to how it used to be.

But putting Sierra to sleep is a delight in its own right, and I want to remember some of the elements.

She generally gets two stories, then two songs, then the crib amidst white noise.

Tonight was only a little different from usual:

After her books, I told Sierra I needed to go get her blanket, which had made its way to our room. I told her she could wait for me in the crib while I got it. “Okay, Daddy, I wait right here!” she said.

Then it was time for her songs. I forgot to start singing along the way I usually do. “Daddy, sing to me!” Sierra reminded me. (And yes, all these sentences were spoken with exclamation points.)

I started singing. “I love you, Daddy!” she said, apropos of nothing. I replaced a word in the song, singing Sierra’s name instead of the actual lyric. “Daddy, you’re being silly! You’re being silly! You’re being silly, Daddy!”

And then, another topic change. “I have to go potty.” (That one lacked an exclamation mark.)

I took her, she went, and we returned to her room. “Music again, Daddy! Put the blanket on my back!” I rocked for her the rest of the song, her blankie wrapped around her.

And finally: “Music all done! Put on the special noise!”

“Special noise for whom?” I say.

“Special noise… for the special baby!”

“That’s right, ” I say. “And who’s the special baby?”

“Me! Put me in the crib, Daddy!”

“Good night, Sierra. I love you.”

“I love you, Daddy!”

She’s amazing.

Sierra Counts to 13

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More Sierra Videos

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Sierra on politics and television:

Sierra plays the Monkey Game:

Sierra sings “Ring Around the Rosie”

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“Mama, have a snack please?” is definitely better than “SSSSNNNNNAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!”  Thanks, Sierra.

Didn’t Sierra turn 18 months…like TWO MONTHS AGO?

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Um, yeah…  I’m a total slacker blogging mom.  Sierra’s changed so much in the last two months, it’s almost like she’s a completely different person from the kid she was in June.  I had lots of video clips that I meant to post, but they’re all kind of out of date at this point.  Rather than detail what Sierra was like at 18 months, I’ll mostly try to recap some of what’s been going on since June 6th.

Let’s start with her 18 month well check and stats – at her appointment, she was 21 lbs, 5 oz (10th percentile) and 31 inches (25th percentile).  That’s TINY for a child of mine.  Even yesterday, she only weighed in at 22.2 lb on our bathroom scale.  How’d that 8 lb, 7 oz baby turn into such a peanut?  Though she doesn’t always eat a huge amount in any one sitting, she definitely has a good appetite – like when she starts shrieking that she wants lunch at 10 am.  The doctor pronounced her healthy and fabulous, and again commented that her verbal skills are quite advanced.  She got two shots, in her arms rather than in her legs at my request, since in the past the shots haven’t bothered her as much when given in the arms.  She didn’t even notice the first one – she was way too distracted by getting a bandaid (“Sticker!!!”) – and she cried for maybe 5 seconds after the next one, stopping as soon as she got another Band-Aid (“TWO stickers!!!”).

Shortly after Sierra turned 18 months old, she started really combining words, and now she gives us everything from single words to short phrases (“Baby fall down”) to complete sentences (“Mommy, where did Daddy go?” or “I have a dolly.  Look, Mom!”). The first completely spontaneous sentence that I noticed her saying was “Mommy, I like peppers!”  She also sings whole songs, often at hilariously loud volumes.  Some of her favorites are:

  • The Alphabet Song
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Where is Thumbkin?
  • Happy Birthday
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
  • The theme song from the show “Weeds” (not that we let her watch that!)

Her articulation has improved greatly, though Lex and I can certainly understand her better than someone who doesn’t know her would.  Much like her big sister, she is pretty shy around people she doesn’t know too well and will clam up.  She’s learning how to count – currently she’s got “One, two, three, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen” down pat – and she can identify several shapes.  Though she can’t consistently identify colors yet, she can match them like a pro, especially with her Melissa and Doug fish puzzle.  Puzzles are a big thing for her, actually.  She adores them!  She also greatly enjoys the Biscuit books, Dora and Diego (and has a few Spanish phrases in her everyday vocabulary, courtesy of those two), and all baby dolls.

Sierra’s love for Anya has grown to near idol worship.  As soon as she hears Anya make any noise in the morning, she begins shouting, “Anya wake up!  Play in Anya room!”  She always wants to share with her big sister, too.  She has these two baby dolls that she likes to take with her when we go out, but she has to take both of them and not just one, because she needs “ONE FOR ANYA!”  She’s always going over to give her hugs and kisses, especially if Anya gets upset or hurts herself.  They play together very nicely for the most part, too, and anything Anya does, Sierra wants to do, too.

What else?  Let’s see.  We are continuing to work on potty training.  Sierra loves to pee both on the toilet and in her diaper equally, but she knows what she’s supposed to do, and will gladly tell anyone else who goes to the toilet that they are a big girl.  She had been resistant to pooping on the toilet for several weeks after having had some success, but in the last few days she’s been doing a much better job – and she loves getting hand stamps and stickers as a reward.  As for sleeping, Sierra is doing beautifully.  After a short bedtime routine, she goes in the crib awake and often puts herself to sleep by singing or talking herself.  Our only big complaint is that we wish she would sleep later .  We can deal with the 6 am wake up call, but when it gets closer to 5 am, it’s rough.  Sierra is still a little imp – climbing on whatever she can, standing on stools and shouting “One, two, three, jump!” (but she doesn’t jump, thankfully), sneaking up to the landing on the stairs and taunting me with, “Mommy… Up so high!” – but she’s also a total sweetheart, showering us with unprompted hugs, kisses, I love yous, pleases, thank yous, and excuse mes all the time.  I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again anyway:  I think we’ll keep her.

A little mint

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We went out to dinner with friends tonight.  Sierra, oddly enough, refused to taste my cake, even though she had been chanting, “Cake, cake, cake, cake!” up until the time it was brought to the table.  However, she was extremely excited when they brought the little (Andes-style) mints to the table and insisted that she wanted one.  Who am I to tell her what she will or won’t like?  I gave her one.  She took a tiny little bite, which she pulled out of her mouth to hand to me, and then took a bigger one, which she followed with an enormous shudder and the exclamation, “COLD!  BRRRRRR!”


Roseola Take 2

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Sierra had a pretty substantial fever from Thursday night until Sunday morning or so, with no other notable symptoms other than being cranky. I had mentioned to a friend that I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up having roseola, and lo and behold, the rash showed up this morning. She still clearly did not feel well today – a total Jekyll and Hyde case, switching from somewhat happy to angry tears with almost no notice. Poor baby. She ended up going to sleep before 7, so hopefully she won’t be up at 3 am (not that that would be any different from the last few weeks, unfortunately, but at least she usually goes back to sleep). Oh, and although the roseola rash isn’t supposed to itch, she’s been scratching at her head all day, which, oddly enough, was the same reaction Anya had when she had roseola.

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