Sierra is six months old (and then some)!

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Dear Sierra,

I am so sorry your six months update is two weeks late.  Can I blame the demands of packing up an entire house for the delay (even though Daddy is doing much more work than I am)?


Sweet little Sierra is already 6 months old! That’s HALF a YEAR. Wow. She had her checkup a few weeks ago – 16 lbs, 5 oz, and 26 1/2 inches. I switched her over to her 6-9 months clothes about a month ago. She probably could have continued to wear her 3-6 months things a little longer, but I have a much better summer selection in the larger size. For reasons I don’t quite understand, she is now wearing a SIZE 4 diaper! How is that possible? Anya was bigger than Sierra at the same age, and Anya didn’t start wearing size 4 until she was fourteen months!

So much can happen in two weeks; I feel like Sierra is barely the same baby she was when she actually turned six months old. For example:

  • At six months, Sierra wasn’t at all mobile.  Now, she is pushing herself backwards (not quite intentionally) and spinning herself in circles (definitely intentionally), and she’s at least thinking about trying to crawl.  She finally rolled from her back to her belly a few days after her six month birthday, but she’s only done it a few times since then.
  • At six months, Sierra was sleeping in our room, often in our bed, and waking every two hours or more.  Since then, we moved her to her crib – which was extremely bittersweet for me – and each night is getting a little better.  Last night she slept from 8:2o pm until 2 am without waking up!  She still ends up in our bed sometime around 4 am, but we’re okay with that.  I kind of look forward to it.  Oh, and she’s been sleeping on her belly for the last week or so.
  • At six months, Sierra wasn’t eating much of anything solid, aside from gnawing on cucumbers or apple slices.  In the last week, she’s become a bit more open to eating baby food.  She doesn’t eat much – maybe two teaspoons or so.  She doesn’t open her mouth very wide, almost using the spoon like a straw, but she’s still getting something and has seemed to like everything she’s been offered so far except bananas.  It does seem that she would REALLY prefer to eat table food, but she gags on almost everything except puffed rice cereal, so she’s going to have to be a bit more patient.
  • At six months, Sierra was toothless, but two days ago she cut her first tooth!

Some things are still the same.  Sierra still loves to clap her hands, and waving is making a comeback.  I’m fairly certain she signs “milk” now and sometimes it seems like she’s trying to sign “more” (but it looks like clapping so it’s hard to tell).  She still doesn’t put anything in her mouth other than her hands.  We asked the doctor about that at her appointment, and he said that while it’s not typical, it’s nothing to cause concern.  She certainly loves to grab anything within her reach and shake it, bang it, crumple it – whatever seems fun!

She also adores jumping, whether it’s in her jumper or on my lap.  And let’s not forget shrieking!  There’s been no change in that.  She doesn’t really babble yet – we get a consonant here and there, but mostly we hear a lot of shrieks, Mmmmms, Has, and another favorite sound – Bpfffft!

Here’s a few clips of Sierra over the last month:

Sierra’s been in a bit of a Mommy phase lately.  She starts to cry if we’re in the same room and someone else is holding her, but usually if she can’t see me, she’s fine.  Lex, I really hope you believe me when I tell you not to take it personally.  You know she’s going to end up a Daddy’s girl like Anya anyway.  I think Sierra looks A LOT like Lex:

TMI About Poop Section: Last thing – and Lex and I disagree about this – Sierra’s has some tummy issues.  Basically, she consistently has explosive, giant, pure liquid poops that leak right through the liner of every diaper we try.  Part of moving her up to size 4 was because I needed a bigger diaper to contain the mess (although they do fit her better anyway and frankly, they still don’t contain it unless I change her the second after she poops).  This was my main concern at her six month appointment, and the doctor – our favorite in the practice – felt that what I described was in the range of normal for a breastfed baby.  After giving it a few days more thought, I decided I really don’t think it’s normal and we brought her back for a second opinion with another doctor in the practice, this time with a diaper to illustrate the problem.  He also isn’t particularly concerned, but he suggested that we bring her to a pediatric gastroenterologist to rule out any real problems and mainly to put my mind at ease.

Unlike Anya, who also had this problem at this age due to a colitis medication I started taking then, Sierra has had this issue on and off since birth, but without an obvious correlation to the medication (which I began taking again when she was about two months old).  Thankfully, also unlike Anya, Sierra has not lost any weight.  I think part of what contributes to how explosive it all is is that Sierra generally only goes once a day, sometimes skipping a day, even skipping THREE days.   I know that the pattern itself is normal, but I have a hard time believing that I just have to accept that every poop-filled diaper is going to leak because of how liquidy her poops are.  I spend the day dreading the inevitable deluge, especially when she holds it in until the evening.  At least when she goes in the morning I don’t spend the day waiting for it; I can put her in clothes without thinking about how easily I’ll be able to get them off of her in a public place if they end up covered in poop.  I can’t imagine taking her in the pool this summer – no swim diaper is going to contain that mess.  In my gut, I don’t think that this is normal, but if the pediatric GI tells me it is, I will believe him – but I don’t have to like it!  Her appointment is scheduled for the first week in August, though we’re on the cancellation list and may end up being seen sooner.

Potty training update

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We’ve been working on getting Anya completely potty-trained for a little over 1 1/2 weeks now.  After an auspicious beginning, things took a downward turn beginning last Thursday to the point where Lex and I were ready to call it quits on Sunday and try again in a week or two.

Monday I decided to give it one last go, and even set up the potty chair in the playroom.  Anya had never used it before; she had only used a potty seat on the toilet.  I thought that maybe having it closer might help prevent accidents.  She was kind of intrigued by it at first and was happy to sit on it with a book, but not particularly interested in using it.  She finally did once but wanted me to clean it out right away and refused to use it again.  Anya prefers the toilet, apparently.

I don’t know if the potty chair inspired her or if something else just clicked, but she’s been doing fabulously the last three days.  She’s only had one accident; it was right after her drinking her post-nap milk and luckily she happened to be wearing a pull-up at the time.  She told me right away though and even managed to finish what she needed to do on the toilet.  It seems like she’s gained a considerable amount of self-control since Monday.  She even woke up dry from her nap yesterday and today, and I’ve taken her out several times in pull-up that she’s kept completely dry.  Lex said that when he got her this morning and took her to the bathroom, her diaper was wet but considerably less so than normal, and she peed A LOT as soon as he got her on the toilet (enough that in my sleepy stupor I thought he was the one using the toilet, not her!).

It appears that Anya has also become more aware of and bothered by being wet.  Yesterday she slept until 7:30 am (How awesome is that?!?) and when I went to get her, the first thing she asked for was the potty.  While we were walking to the bathroom, she told me in the poutiest voice ever, “I have a wet diaper.”  I assured her that was okay, that it was hard to hold it in while sleeping, and she said, “I need a new one.  I need a clean diaper.”  That’s a pretty huge deal for her; she has never minded being wet since birth.

The big next step to achieve is Anya initiating asking to use the toilet with enough advance notice to actually get her there in time.  If she asks to use it now, it’s often too late.  I ask her if she needs to go frequently throughout the day and insist that she at least try at certain times, so I might not be giving her enough opportunity to recognize that she needs to go.  We’re all very encouraged by her success the last few days, and we hope she continues on this path!

Welcome to the third trimester!

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I hit 28 weeks on Monday, which means I’m officially in the third trimester.  I’ve gained between 18 and 20 lbs, and I’m feeling pretty good overall, though some maternity clothes are beginning to feel uncomfortably tight, especially if they are low rise pants. Bending over is challenging because the blood rushes to my head instantly, and standing at the sink or counter is becoming comical.  I’ve recently developed the skin of a 15-year-old – thank you, pregnancy hormones!  The baby is moving all over the place again and has frequent episodes of the hiccups, which, though they annoy me, remind me that she is okay in there.

I saw my gastroenterologist on Monday.  I’ve been doing so well for the last five weeks – completely symptom-free, even a little too well – that he said I could stop the extra medication I had been on and just continue my maintenance medication.  I’m extremely excited to be back to “normal” before the baby is born, and I HOPE that I can maintain remission for the rest of the pregnancy and then postpartum.

Fourth of July Update

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Happy Fourth of July from us!

A rare family photo!

We’ve been having a great time taking advantage of the summer!  Playdates, dance class, story time at the library…so much to do, so little time (to blog)!  I’ll have to post a video of Anya at her “ballerina class” very soon – it’s just too cute, and she loves it. She’s still a little wobbly on her feet and doesn’t really run, jump, or climb, but she’s getting better and more adventurous. She does love to walk up and down the stairs (while holding my hand) instead of crawling, and always reminds me to hold the rail.

Anya has been busy doing all sorts of other things, too.  She definitely knows her colors, or at least the main 8 that show up in her Crayola box plus pink and white.  Her teacher at day care told me a cute story:  She had been working on the color yellow with the class, and was showing the kids a series of yellow objects, asking what color for each one to get them to repeat yellow.  The teacher decided to hold up an apple just to see what the kids would do, and all of the kids said yellow, except for Anya, who shouted, “RED!!!”  Apparently Anya’s excitement was very comical.  Anya still loves to draw and paint, and if you ask her to draw a circle or a line, she does a pretty good job.  Her favorite is still polka dots.

This week we gave Anya one of her 1st birthday presents – a toy baking set – that we had set aside originally because we thought the pieces were too small.  She has been SO cute with it, baking cupcakes for her dolls and feeding them all sort of things.  Watching her pretend is still so much fun, and she’s such a little mommy to her dolls.  It was hard not to crack up this morning when she put her bear on the floor and said, “Here baby girl, change your diaper.  That’s better.”

Anya still talks up a storm, especially at home, and if she’s not talking, she’s singing.  She knows almost all of the words to several of her favorite songs, and she can fill in the words to even more.  It always amazes me when she can supply words to a song that she’s only heard a couple of times.  She absolutely loves music, and she’s always asking us to sing songs to her (or play them on the “puter”).  What’s funny is that whether she’s talking or singing, she speaks with a very strong NJ accent.  “Twinkle, Twinkle” will sound something like this:

Twinkle twinkle little stawe, how I wunda whatchoo awe
Up above the world so hoiy, like a doymind in the skoy

I know that I have a little bit of an accent (and it’s gotten so much worse since we moved back here…grrr), but hers is like a caricature of a Jersey girl, it’s so extreme. Some of it MUST be due to imperfect pronunciation of certain sounds, but it’s still kind of cute.

We’re so happy that Anya is back to kicking us out of her room at bedtime. Two books, two songs, and then it’s “Music off. Crib…go to sleep. Away, Mommy!” She still only sleeps about 10 hours at night, but her nap now lasts about 90 minutes on an average day. It’s nice that she’s cooperative about sleeping, because Anya’s been very sensitive (or ornery, cantankerous, take your pick) about pretty much everything else of late, and she’s a total drama queen (“I’s yelling!”). The way she can turn on and off the tears on a moment’s notice can be very aggravating for us, and her frustration tolerance is very low these days. I think she’s having a little bit of an internal struggle over her desire to be a big girl and still wanting to be a baby. Sometimes she insists on doing everything herself – especially when it comes to meals – and other times she loses it if we don’t help her immediately. She’s also been doing some serious testing of limits. This has been a trying time for all of us, but still, it’s hard not to adore a kid who can exclaim “OH BOY!” with 100% sincerity.

This post is already quite long, but bear with me a little longer – we have another kid to discuss 🙂 I had two appointments this week, one with a new gastroenterologist and one with the OB-GYN. I went to the gastroenterologist to get a second opinion, and though I’m having a lot of guilt about leaving my current doctor, I plan to go to this practice full-time. This doctor felt that I needed to switch to a different medication, one that is essentially the same as the one I’d been on, the only difference being the, um, delivery method (Look, I have colitis. This is my life.). My current doctor didn’t want to put me on it because he said that he was concerned it could somehow stimulate labor. This doctor pretty much thought that was nuts. My OB-GYN wholeheartedly agreed. I’ve been on it for three days and have already shown some significant improvement.

Our prenatal appointment went well. We only saw this doctor once when I was pregnant with Anya, and though he’s a little weird, he’s very thorough. He found the heartbeat right away, and it was loud and strong. I’m 17 1/2 weeks along, I’ve only gained 7 lbs, but I’m measuring right on target. I don’t think I’m quite as big anymore as I had alluded to recently, but I had a really bad week, colitis-wise. I was very concerned about the effect the colitis has been having on this pregnancy, with all of the cramps and the weight that I had lost this past week. The doctor had a lot of suggestions for additional supplements he’d like me to take which he feels will help with the colitis, and wants me to come back in two weeks to be rechecked. He feels that overall, things are going well with the pregnancy. I’m pretty sure I’m feeling kicks now, but they only happen here and there, so it’s hard to be positive.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!

12 1/2 (13 1/2?) weeks pregnancy update

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So…yes, we’re pregnant!  Woohoo!  We are all so excited here.  We’ve posted a couple of times over the last few months about the pregnancy, but we had kept those posts hidden until now:

Maybe baby #2?
Not so faint anymore!
Just in case you weren’t convinced…
It’s nice to meet you!
Update – 8 (almost 9) weeks pregnant
How we told

We had our nuchal translucency last Thursday, and it was a very positive appointment.  The technician couldn’t find the subchorionic hemorrhage, which suggests that it is no longer there.  She also didn’t find any evidence of an amniotic band, just a small separation between the sac and the placenta that will likely fill in by 16 weeks.

The test itself went well.  The nuchal fold measured 1 mm, which is VERY small (the technician said over 30 mm is the level where there would be a concern).  The little peanut was somewhat cooperative, although the technician had to poke me in the belly several times to get the baby to roll the right way.  We got to see a few good shots of the face and the little feet and hands (which it couldn’t keep away from its mouth):

Baby Friedman sucking its thumb

The technician thinks the baby is a girl.  I’m not sure what she is basing that on, since she never really got a good “head-on” (tush-on?) view, but we’ll find out for sure at the end of July when we have our Level 2 scan.  The only other notable news from the appointment is that I’m measuring a week ahead of where I should be.  She remeasured 4 or 5 times, and each time she got 13 weeks, even though it should have been 11 weeks, 6 days, putting my due date at December 5th instead of December 12th.  What does this mean?  Nothing, right now, other than I’ll probably end up having another big baby.  There’s no way my dates are off – according to the scan’s due date, I would have ovulated before my last period had ended completely, and that’s really not possible. The neonatologist who evaluated the scans from the NT and took my blood was very thrown off by this discrepancy. She couldn’t decide which due date to use for the test and had what felt like a 10 minute argument with herself. Ultimately she decided my regular doctor had locked me into the December 12th date, so that’s what we need to stick to for now.

I’ve only gained maybe 2 pounds, but I’ve definitely popped…

Big baby bump

We have our next prenatal appointment on Thursday.  Things are good these days – I’m pretty much over the first trimester fatigue and nausea, and I’m starting to get an appetite again.  Hopefully this colitis flare-up will soon be taken care of and then I can focus on enjoying being pregnant!

Anya is 19 months old!

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(In case you aren’t fluent in Anya-ese, at the end of that video when she was “reading” Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? she started talking about what each animal says. When she got to the goldfish, teacher, and children and didn’t know what they said, she made up “Ooh ooh ooh!” As her mom, I thought that was hysterical.)

That’s our Anya, such a big girl (although lately, if you ask her, she tells you she’s a little baby – YIKES!). She’s doing so much and she’s so fun to be around, at least when she’s not sick and cranky (this was a TOUGH week).

Anya’s speech ranges from single words to 8+ word complete sentences these days. Most of the time she talks in 2-5 word phrases. You saw her count in the video. Usually she does “1-2-3-3-4-6-11-12-13!” although this morning she got to eight in the right order. We’re not sure why six seems to be the magic number. She can identify several colors accurately, though she still makes mistakes, of course, but she gets them right much more often than chance would allow. She can tell you her full name and her birthday, too. It’s really neat to see her become more aware of how language works, especially when she self-corrects. One of her biggest misuses is “me/you” – she still says “Rock you! Carry you! Help you!” when she means, “Me.” Now, though you can ask her, “Hold you?” and she’ll say, “Hold me!” I’m also always amused when she repeats things we say. The other day we were talking about something, can’t remember what, and she turns to me and says, rather indignantly, “I said NO!” I wonder where she heard that? 😉

I was just talking with a friend of ours (her daughter is about 7 months older than Anya) about how crazy it is the way toddlers remember things from weeks or months ago, even if it was something that only happened once and it seemed insignificant at the time. She told me some VERY funny stories about her kid, and one story I had shared about Anya was how last week I was driving her home from day care and she suddenly starts asking me to sing something, but I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. She was getting more and more agitated, and then I finally realized she was saying, “Sing people’s trash!” She wanted me to sing a song I had made up and sang to her once several weeks ago when I was driving her home during the week when everybody puts out their big items for the spring bulk pick-up. I was astounded she remembered that – I didn’t remember it!

I’m sad that baby story time at the library is going on hiatus until July. Anya has the biggest “crush” on the woman who runs it. She talks about Miss Renee all week long, imitates the welcome song frequently, and when we’re there, likes to stand within a foot of Miss Renee whenever possible. I am glad she likes going to the library, though, and I guess it’s not surprising, because she still loves books more than anything else. She can “read” so many of her books. It’s incredible how much of them she has memorized. She doesn’t know every word, of course, but you can tell from listening to her that she gets the basic gist of a page. Almost always she ends a book with “The end!” She’ll still fill in the gaps with babble. Actually, when she’s “reading” or pretending to talk on the phone are really the only times she babbles anymore, though she mixes it with words (Right now she’s pretending to talk to my sister, and she’s telling her “Hello! Samantha how you doing? Come out!” It’s very funny). Another favorite pastime is singing. She can sing parts of several of her favorite songs, and isn’t terrible about carrying a tune, either (she gets that from Lex).

Baby play is so great to observe. I continue to enjoy watching Anya play with her dolls. She’s very motherly to them. She still loves to pull out a scarf or a blanket, lay it on the floor, and put a doll down to sleep (which now involves a lot of talking about it). We just picked up some cool pretend play toys from a garage sale, so now she also gives her babies a bath, puts them on the potty (along with the directive to “wipe the vagina and tushy”), feeds them, takes them for walks in the stroller, you name it. So cute. She’s developed a recent fascination with taking the clothes on and off of her dolls – mostly off. This week she stripped down her Cabbage Patch doll (with help), and after I suggested we put the baby’s clothes back on too many times, she took them from me, put them inside her toy drum, and slammed the lid down. Take that, Mommy! We’ve had a little art renaissance here as well, so there’s been a lot of requests to use crayons, markers, and most recently, paints. Like she said in the video, she likes to make dots (even with her food – gross).

We had a minor setback in potty training a for a little while this month. I think it was because there was a small incident involving taking her off the potty before she was actually done, and she became terrified of using the potty upstairs. It became problematic because she didn’t want to poop in her diaper but also didn’t want to go on any potty, so she was holding it in for 24 hours (not good when she’s used to going 2-3 times a day). Eventually a new Elmo potty seat and hand stamps whenever she successfully went on the potty got her back into the swing of things. She’s actually started telling us she needs to go potty first thing in the morning, too, even if she just has to pee – that’s a major improvement – but she still has a wet diaper more often than not. Our pediatrician’s advice was not to push it and follow her lead.

Anya’s been getting more mischievous and daring lately. Her climbing skills are getting better, which is how she ended up standing on a stool in the middle of the kitchen two nights ago. We’re used to being able to let her out of our sight for a few seconds without worrying that she’ll get into too much trouble, but it looks like those days are quickly becoming numbered. She wants to open, touch, throw, and climb on everything (but at least with climbing we’re not at the get up on a kitchen chair and climb onto the stove phase yet!). I’m sure she’s got lots more in store for us…never a dull moment!

Not so faint anymore!

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This is test number five, taken this morning:

I think we’re convinced I’m really pregnant now 🙂

After 4 seemingly positive tests, I finally called my OB-GYN yesterday to make my first appointment. After talking to Lex (who is currently in CA) on Tuesday night, we decided that if the test still came up positive Wednesday morning, I should call. I’ve had two weird symptoms that we wanted to ask about, the first being the cramps I had last week while we were in Houston. I was convinced they were menstrual cramps and that I was just going to get my period earlier than I had expected. They lasted about 5 days and then subsided. Apparently this isn’t actually that unusual. The other symptom was really bizarre looking, to say the least. On Tuesday night I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw that my stomach looked like I was about 5 months pregnant. I showed Lex via video chat, and his eyes practically fell out of his head. We were pretty concerned at first – and there was no way we were going to be able to keep Baby Friedman 2 to ourselves for now if I looked like that – but I believe the technical term for the problem is bloating. It seems to have resolved itself.

17 months old!

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As of Wednesday, Anya is 17 months old and fabulous! My best estimate is that she’s about 22 lbs and 31 inches, give or take a bit. She’s still wearing 12 months size bottoms but mostly 18 months tops. I guess she’s more torso than legs, and she’s still got a big baby belly.

Potty training has been going very well! We’ve got a pretty good routine going – we take her to the bathroom when she wakes up and then after each meal. Up until Wednesday, I hadn’t had to change a dirty diaper in almost 3 weeks (serves me right for falling asleep in the playroom). To be fair, both Lex and my mother got stuck with a few here and there, and at day care they won’t work with her on potty training until she moves to the next classroom, so they’ve needed to change some, too. Also, wet diapers are another story – Anya must pee about a million times a day – but she is so proud of her potty skills! She loves to shout “Woohoo!” and have me and Lex do the same, and she is very pleased about calling herself a “Big girl!” Plus, the added bonus of her going on the toilet instead of in her diaper is that it has essentially eliminated the diaper rash she’s been struggling to fight off since birth.

Anya’s language development has definitely outpaced my ability to describe it well, but I’ll try. While she’s not speaking in legitimate sentences, she’s regularly stringing together related words. It’s like she expresses each thought in a single word or short phrase, or she’s trying to say a complete idea but can’t do it fluently. We’ll hear things like “More…blueberries…please” or “Walking? Outside? Boots! Hat!” She loves to sing and be read to, and it’s so fun to watch her “read” to herself. She’s got a lot of books partially memorized and can even tell us about them when she doesn’t have them in front of her. A, B, C, D, E, O, T, and Y – those are the letters she can identify pretty consistently. Anya still refers to herself in the third person, but she’s starting to use possessives! She’ll do something like pick up a dog toy and tell me, “Charlie’s!” Another example – even though she has the same exact food on her plate, she’ll point to Lex’s plate and insist “Daddy’s!” Why does his food taste better? You got me!

Aside from one attempt to get up on the fireplace, Anya still doesn’t climb very much and has a bit of a waddle to her walk, at least in my opinion (EDITOR’S NOTE: I started this blog post yesterday, and tonight Anya shocked all of us by climbing onto the couch – TWICE!). I’m thinking about signing up for a toddler gymnastics class with her instead of Gymboree this summer to give her a soft place to experiment with her motor skills. Bathtime is a challenge area lately. We’ve tried a bunch of different things and they’ve helped somewhat, but as soon as it’s time to wash her hair the whole thing becomes a big fight. Tantrums overall are finally at a minimum this week – hooray for that!

I’ve been slacking with the camera lately, but here are a few recent videos. Anya LOVES when I turn the monitor of the camera around so she can see herself:

One of Anya’s new favorite songs is “The Hokey Pokey” – or Hokey OKEY, as she calls it:

Even though we don’t celebrate Easter, I got Anya a pair of bunny ears from the dollar bin at Target:

Potty Training Update

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We’re still in the introductory phase of potty training Anya. I don’t think she’s got quite enough self-control or awareness of her body to give up diapers just yet, but she definitely understands what it’s all about. When we put her on the toilet (on her potty seat) she tenses up her stomach muscles and you can see she’s at least trying to go. She’s usually successful at least once or twice a day. She’s still very proud when she goes and shouts hooray for herself before we can. What’s funny is that she’s started cheering for me and Lex if she hears us going to the bathroom, too.

Though it sounds a little like “polly,” she will tell us “potty” when she has to go (and sometimes when she wants to get out of whatever she’s doing), but she doesn’t always give us enough warning to get her on the toilet in time. A lot of the time she just doesn’t want to stop playing and is more than content to go in her diaper. That’s especially true when she has to poop. Sometimes she’ll even say potty and then change her mind and say diaper instead. We don’t argue with her; if she’s not interested we don’t force her. I do try to take her up right after breakfast and before her bath, since she does tend to go at those times.

Her favorite part of going to the potty is flushing the toilet. She gets very excited and loves to say bye-bye to the peepee. Sometimes she shouts “Alligator!” (as in, see you later, alligator) and once she got so carried away that she yelled “Bye-bye! I love you!” It was so funny!

One major improvement I’ve seen is that now Anya almost always tells me after she’s pooped, and she never used to do that before. That doesn’t mean she wants me to change her – she still isn’t too bothered by a dirty diaper and really dislikes lying still for a diaper change. In fact, the little stinker may have told her first lies. I can be in the room with her when she’s obviously pooping. I’ll ask her and she’ll even tell me, “Poop!” Then when she’s finished I’ll ask her if she pooped and needs a new diaper, and she’ll say “Noooo” while running away with an impish grin.

The other funny thing she’s been doing is she’ll grab one of her dolls and ask, “Poop?” Then she’ll pick it up and smell its tush, and she’ll make a face as though she’s smelling a stinky diaper. Sometimes she’ll even say “stinky” or “ewwwww” and she’ll ask us to open the doll’s clothes so she can “change” its diaper.

Various moments from today

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  1. Every morning I take my temperature before getting out of bed (the TMI reason: my cycles have been very irregular since they started up again in August and it’s the only way I can know when to anticipate my period). I usually get it done while Lex is getting Anya out of her crib, before he brings her into our room to nurse. This morning I decided to take it a second time since I wasn’t sure I had gotten an accurate temperature the first time. Anya wanted to grab the thermometer, of course, and though I kept moving her hand away, she was very persistent. Finally she exclaimed, “HELPER!” and then happily held the thermometer with me until it beeped.
  2. We were looking at one of Anya’s favorite picture books this morning; the last page is all about shapes. I was very surprised when she said “Heart” and pointed to the correct picture. I had no idea she knew that shape, but she definitely does – correctly identified hearts several more times throughout the day.
  3. Lex and I were also surprised when we were playing with Anya in the playroom this afternoon and she pointed to the number 3 on her mat and said “Three!” She was able to do it again both on her mat and when we wrote threes on her Aquadoodle pad.
  4. After I got Anya dressed for bed tonight, Lex came back upstairs to say goodnight to her. They hung out in her room for a few minutes and then I went to get her so she could nurse before going to sleep. I asked her if she knew what time it was, and she excitedly responded “Boppy!” the way she always does. What made this time funny was that she was so psyched that she quickly toddled over to me and started pushing me out the door (I nurse her in my room).
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