Potty mouth

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Before I get into this post, here’s a link to some recent photos (click on the picture):

Maybe they won't change my diaper if I hide under this lotion and towel

So, Anya’s added some choice words to her vocabulary. Lex taught her “tushy” which she usually accompanies with a pat on her behind. I started calling her a diaper butt a long time ago, and now if you say diaper to her and wait expectantly, she responds, “Butt!” This is also generally paired with a tush pat, and then she starts repeating it over and over again. Lovely, right? “Peepee” and “poop” are two more recent additions. She likes to stand by the glass doors in the playroom and yell them at Charlie when he goes outside. It appears that she understands what they mean, though, at least a little, so it seems…

I never would have dreamed of starting to potty train Anya at her age, but it looks like we may be introducing the idea now. Amnesty (one of the moms from an online birth club I’m a member of) had posted about her plans to start with her daughter, and it got me thinking about what it will be like for Anya, although I didn’t think she was even remotely ready yet. Then yesterday while I was changing her diaper, she kept chanting, “Peepee! Peepee!” so I asked her if she wanted to go potty. Her response was “Potty!” I sat her down on the toilet, and she immediately peed. I was shocked, and then even more surprised when I asked if she was all done, she said no, and then pooped! Of course, when I asked her if she was all done after that she still said no, though she was – we really need to work on “yes” with her. Later that afternoon, we had a similar exchange and she peed on the toilet again. She was so proud of herself each time – lots of shouting hooray and clapping.

This morning was truly astonishing for me. She’s been able to say and sign “diaper” for a very long time, but she never tells me that she needs a new diaper. Anya has never been bothered by a wet or dirty diaper and would be perfectly content to sit in a diaper that needs changing all day long (Oh, the diaper rash that would cause!). Naturally, I was super surprised when she finished nursing after waking up and then turned to me and signed and said, “Diaper, diaper” unprompted. I responded, “Sure, let’s change your diaper.” That’s what we always do after she finishes nursing. However, I was absolutely bowled over when she then said, “Potty!” I excitedly rushed her to the bathroom (making a big deal the whole time) and got her on the toilet, where she promptly peed.

Don’t get me wrong – we had plenty of wet diapers today and we’re not going to be finished with them anytime soon. Though she likes sitting on the toilet and the praise she receives, she gets an equal thrill from trying to grab the toilet paper and knock it on the floor. We also had a few “false alarms” today – I think she just wanted out of her diaper. Right now we’re just going to get her used to the idea of going on the potty, and hopefully in a few months we can make a more focused attempt to potty train her. I do plan to get her a potty seat tomorrow, though she’ll still need help getting herself set up; she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of motor planning sitting down on a chair. It will be nice when Anya’s out of diapers, especially since changing her these days has been an absolute nightmare. She does not want to lie down, have her diaper taken off, be wiped, or have diaper cream applied, and she REALLY does not want to have a new diaper put on again. Tonight she figured out that she could undo her diapers herself – we’re really in for it if she learns how to take off her pants!

A few funny stories

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1. Anya mispronounces the word “sock.” She does so in a way that is both profane and hilarious. Instead of the “s” sound, Anya starts the word with a hard “c” sound.

Neither her mother nor I will ever admit to finding this hilarious. Especially when Anya starts excitedly chanting the word over and over again as we finish dressing her.

2. On Sunday morning, Anya spat up. This was remarkable for two reasons: First, it almost never happens any more. Second, she did so directly into my open mouth.

And I still love her.

Parenthood is amazing.

Eats, Poops, and Leaves

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As Anya learns to eat solid foods more successfully, there’s a corollary effect as well: Solid poops.

When Anya moves her bowels, it’s often now as solid as the poops you or I poop out. It’s quite a change from the breastmilk slurpees, or the formula sludge, or the breastmilk-and-formula slurpee-sludge.

This, like everything else, makes us proud.

One step forward, two steps back

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The tummy saga continues.

I started nursing Anya again on Sunday. I had not taken the Canasa since Friday night – good news for Anya, not for me. Everything poop-related was exactly as it should be on Monday, at least for Anya, again, not for me. I was all ready to write a post entitled “Poop Watch 2007, the Conclusion” but that is not what fate had in store for us. I called my doctor Monday morning and requested to switch to Rowasa, which is the same medication that’s in the Canasa, but in a different form. He also put me on Prednisone (grrr) but agreed to let me try the 6-day dose pack instead of jumping right into a daily dose.

I nursed Anya Monday night, and before bed I took the Rowasa. I hoped with every ounce of my being that she would be fine the next day, but the diarrhea came back. Now we know conclusively that the medication was the cause, so Lex and I agreed to put nursing on hold until I am off the medication (I think I may need to get a new pump; mine is starting to wheeze at the stress of overuse). We put her back on the soy formula; she took about 4 oz. before we went to our Baby Rock and Roll class and everything seemed fine. She had been coughing a little that morning but stopped, and her nose was no longer running. Well, we get to class and are sitting in the circle when Anya starts coughing a little, so I gave her a pat on the back and suddenly the mat was covered in the soy formula again. Everyone was very nice in helping me get her cleaned up. I must have looked extremely worried because they kept trying to reassure me that she was okay. Once I mentioned that we had put her on the formula that morning they tried to convince me to stay – “Of course that was the cause.” One mom whose baby is on formula exclusively said her daughter has done that a couple of times due to an air bubble. I still wanted to take Anya home just in case, especially after she started to retch again (I managed to hold her over the trash can; it was mostly mucus and a little more formula).

As we were driving home, I heard her gagging again, so I pulled over to check on her, and it looked as though she had just spit up, so I wiped her off and hurried home. On Saturday when she had thrown up, she got it all out and that was it, but today she just kept gagging and bringing more stuff up. Eventually she was vomiting what looked like thick yellow Gatorade, and she was turning bright red each time she tried to get it out. We called the doctor after the 5th time, and were told not to worry about the yellow vomit (apparently that’s not a big deal), go back on the Pedialyte, and bring her in again. She was also getting a little lethargic, but she was overdue for a nap and had put in a lot of energy vomiting. Her color was good and her mouth and skin were moist, so dehydration wasn’t likely yet.

At the office, they weighed Anya – she lost 2 oz. since her 6 months appointment, which is definitely a cause for concern, although since she’s still such a chub no one was worried about her being malnourished. Otherwise she looked healthy, aside from a little fluid in her right ear. Dr. Patel agreed that we needed to hold off on nursing until I’m off the medication, and he wanted us to switch to a new formula from Nestle. The plan was to keep her on Pedialyte for most of the afternoon and then give her 2 oz. of the formula every hour until bedtime.

Today went well, though by 5 pm I think she was pretty hungry and tired of the Pedialyte. She kept trying to nurse on any exposed area of my skin, and signed milk repeatedly during the last bottle of Pedialyte. She had diarrhea a couple of times before we started the formula, but that is likely residual effect of the evil breast milk I gave her this morning combined with today’s liquid only diet. This formula has to be the answer; I can’t bear to see her suffering like this (but at least she’s oblivious to it, for the most part).

I called the company that manufactures Canasa to report Anya’s reaction; I’ll try to get in touch with the makers of Rowasa and the FDA tomorrow. I couldn’t say that it would have been worth it, but I’ll be glad if this whole debacle helps some other mom and her baby in the future.

Let’s hope my next post really is the conclusion of Poop Watch 2007.

Poop Watch 2007 update #2

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It’s weird to think of any poop in a fond manner, but I miss breast milk poops.  Formula poops really are gross.  I shudder to think of what I have to look forward to once Anya actually starts eating solid foods (Hmmm, we’ll have to post about that whole issue some other time).

Today was the third day of soy formula, and it started to take its toll on Anya.  Poor baby, she was having a lot of trouble pooping, and she would cry every time she tried.  When I say cry, I mean really cry; I had to pick her up and hold her close until she calmed down.  I could feel her stomach tensing as she tried to move things along, and she would grab at my shoulders and squeeze them.  She slept a lot this morning and afternoon, mostly on my shoulder after working herself up trying to go.
I switched her to a milk-based formula after her first bottle this morning.  That was the plan for today anyway; this way we can rule out a lactose problem before we start nursing again and we’ll know for sure if the meds are the issue.  It didn’t seem to have any affect on her until after the third bottle of the regular Similac.  The diaper that came after that had stools that were much looser than the soy formula poops, but I couldn’t say for sure it was diarrhea.  It was certainly more formed than the breast milk diarrhea.  When in doubt, call the doctor, so I did, again.  After I described what it looked like, he said that it could have been normal milk-based formula poop, and that I should monitor her but could still start nursing tomorrow if I thought she was okay.  I won’t take her off the formula until she goes again in the morning, and if it seems to be normal I’ll try nursing her after that.  If it turns out she is having a problem with the lactose, I have a third kind of formula to try, one that is milk-based but lactose-free.  I hope it doesn’t come to that, though.

I really shouldn’t be awake and posting this right now, but I took advantage of not nursing for a few days and drank Coke for the first time in about a year and a half.  Now I’m all wired up from the caffeine.  Big mistake.  I’m going to be SO tired tomorrow!

Poop Watch 2007 update

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I took Anya back to the doctor yesterday because it had been 2 full weeks of diarrhea. He no longer felt we could suspect a harmless stomach bug, since 14 days is a long time, even for a baby. Also, she hadn’t gained any weight in the last two weeks, which was a little concerning.

He suggested four possible culprits: transient lactose intolerance (best case scenario), the medication I am taking for my ulcerative colitis, a more serious infection (such as salmonella or E. coli), or a gastrointestinal problem. We’re not going to worry about a GI issue unless we rule everything else out, and the chance of it being a serious infection is slim, since she has no other symptoms. The doctor has put her on a soy, lactose-free formula temporarily but indefinitely. If she has transient lactose intolerance, this will give her digestive tract the break it needs to get itself back together. He gave me 4 cans of the Similac Soy Anti-Diarrheal formula and said I could use the soy powder I have at home once she finishes the cans.

Well, I’m happy to report that after less than 24 hours, she is diarrhea-free. Her poops look like, well, poop (formula poops are much thicker and stinkier than breast milk poops, in case anyone was wondering). Not one diaper leaked today, hooray! The doctor is very pleased, and said that I may be able to resume nursing again as early as Friday, as long as she stays healthy. Of course, if I start nursing again and she goes back to having diarrhea, then we have a problem, since I’m having a tough time shaking this colitis flare up and I’ll probably need to be on meds for a few more weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that it was transient lactose intolerance after all and we are now in the clear!

Poop Watch 2007

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Note that this post is categorized TMI. If you don’t want to talk baby poop, then go somewhere else.

Anya has always been a frequent pooper. More recently, for the past week and a half or so, she’s been a loose pooper. There are a variety of possible causes for Anya’s current ongoing diarrhea; our pediatrician thinks it’s most likely a virus.

Since yesterday morning’s liquidy opus, however, Anya’s bowels have remained quiet. Almost too quiet.

We don’t know exactly what’s coming, and we don’t know when. But with all the feedings, including solids, that Anya has downed since her last movement… We’re prepared for anything.

Lauren and I are wearing rain slickers from now until the dam bursts, just in case.

The downside to more sleep

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The good news is that after 45 minutes of fussing, Anya slept for 4 straight hours this evening. The bad news is that when she woke up to eat, she was too sleepy to eat as much as was available, so now I’m here at 4 in the morning pumping what’s left out of my enormously swollen breast.

How to know when Anya Haley is next going to poop.

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Want to know when Anya’s going to poop next? Change her dirty diaper. Within the next 30 seconds, she’ll poop.

Oh, you can try waiting extra time before you change the first poopy diaper. You can wait 10 more minutes, or an hour. But as soon as you change that diaper, she’ll poop again.

I wrote this song, to the tune of “Meet the Flintstones,” about the situation:

Anya Haley
She’s the baby sitting in my lap
When we
Change her diaper
That’s when she will take another crap

Why must
She be so predictable?
Does she
Just prefer her diaper full?

Anya Haley
She does love to move her bowels so
She just did now so
I have to end this song!

One Week Postpartum Update

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Today (Thursday) is Anya’s one week birthday. It’s really hard to believe that she’s already been here a whole week!

Everyone says having a baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world, but they’re wrong, because wonderful is not a strong enough word. I cannot believe how much I love this little person – someone who I had never even met a week ago. Sometimes I just stare at her and feel so overwhelmed by happiness that I have to remind myself to breathe. She is beautiful, amazing, awesome, incredible – words cannot describe her enough.

Anya had her first appointment with the pediatrician yesterday, and it went very well. She gained about 2 ounces since coming home from the hospital, and the rash she was born with is almost gone. We’re both getting much better at nursing, and she’s starting to get into a more predictable schedule. Last night she slept for three consecutive hours twice! Her mommy and daddy REALLY hope this was not a one time performance.

Speaking of mommy, I am doing pretty well, physcially. My stomach is still sore, and I have a big poochy stomach that makes me look about 5 months pregnant, but it’s getting smaller every day. I’m down to about 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight already, and you have to factor in (CAUTION, we are entering TMI territory) my newly gargantuan breasts into that weight. It’s too bad it’s late October; I’d look smashing in a bikini, at least from the ribs up.

I had the staples removed from my incision today, and though I was very nervous about it – they actually use a tool called a staple remover! -it turned out not to be a big deal. My mom came to hold my hand while Anya stayed with her Daddy.

Something many women look forward to as a bonus to pregnancy is not having their periods for almost a year. However, no one ever really tells you that you will later pay for this reprieve by having what seems to be a never-ending period once the baby is here. The bleeding can last for weeks (I read on someone else’s site that she bled for 10!) and since you’re not allowed to wear tampons, even with a c-section, you end up developing a diaper rash of your own from all of the pads you wear. I hope this phase of recovery ends sooner rather than later (This CONCLUDES our TMI section for this post).

Something else no one had ever really put into words accurately for me is the thrill of nursing the baby. Yes, it definitely hurts and it can be a very frustrating process in the beginning (it still is for me at times), but wow! My limited skills as a writer make it difficult for me to clearly express how it feels to have your child gaze into your eyes and stroke your side with her tiny hand as you provide the sole nourishment she receives. It makes me feel like for the first time in my life, I am actually doing something that qualifies as important.

One more thing – I am becoming an expert at typing with one hand.

Anya’s birth story should be written and posted by the end of the weekend.

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